Meditation. Yoga. Prayer. Rest. Aromatherapy. Whole foods. Pure Water. Sunlight. Gardening. Walking. Infrared Sauna. Exercise. Music. Art. Cooking. Vacations. Friendship. Journaling. Gratitude. Armadillos (more on that later…). The list of healthy ‘shoulds’ can itself be exhausting when it comes to wellness and living the life we desire. Information surrounds us on all sides with tips and keys to overall wellbeing, shooting toward us at a dizzying pace. If we aren’t careful, we can get whiplash, trying to manage our health and wellbeing.

The truth is, though, that managing is not what is best for us in the end. We are not meant to force bodies and minds into submission via an ever-growing checklist of tasks. In fact, trying to take on every suggestion leaves us depleted which is the counter-effect of what we hope to accomplish. So, what is the solution?

The KEY lies in your own INTUITION.  I have learned through INTUITION as well as trial and error that the KEY SOLUTION for finding any healing space is simply the intention and focus on wellness and wellbeing without expectation or judgment. As a child, we operate naturally and intuitively. In the moment, a child goes about the day with little care or thought of the future. As an adult, however, the demands of schedule and expectation tend to overtake and drown out our natural INTUITION and creative flow.

I desire to be of assistance and truly help others tap into their natural intuitive processes, uncovering the best time, place and manner to accomplish and experience wellbeing and to ultimately accomplish their goals and release their potential energy and creativity. It is a process of relearning to be still and listen—to close your eyes and pay attention to what your body, mind and spirit are trying to tell you. Intuition is a muscle. It is there, sometimes dormant, and it needs to be reawakened and exercised to function properly. Allow me to serve as a partner, to help you create healing spaces of wellness and well-being.

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