This is what I want and what I want to experience !!!  Sometimes I don’t even realize that I’m not feeling “REAL” Energy.  I run too often for the next cup of coffee or to call someone or to plan something to get STIMULATION without realizing that I’m not getting REAL Energy from it.  Sometimes I’m so predictable and dense!    

REAL Energy is the energy we were made/born with and we felt within our soul…constantly rising up within us.  We naturally CRAVE this!  Some may experience it through intuition, imagination, inspiration; maybe through a song or beautiful piece of art or a sunset.

Some will call it God…some will call it Source…some will call it a Higher Power.  It doesn’t matter right at this point.  Most important is that we experience this power, know it, use it, share it and constantly re-center on it every day and re-align ourselves with it…by turning into it, allowing it and remaining with it…moment after moment after moment and our paths will be made straight. 

We are experiencing all kinds of stimulation around us in this high-tech, fast paced world and all of it stimulates and engages us…often distracting us from feeling and experiencing REAL Energy and we don’t even know it!  We experience this “hidden” stimulation unknowingly and most often through the surface of our body and through our 5 senses. 

Where ever I am I can bring myself back and “wake up” again to this REAL Energy. I often re-awaken it in myself as I recall an amazing experience (“Armadillo”) or “miracle” in my life.  Sometimes I experience it as a chill or a shiver or goosebumps when I hear a wonderful story of blessing or maybe I suddenly feel ”lit up” or “on fire”  and inspired for something like a “Bulls Eye” or “Hit”. 

As we experience this unconditional Energy we realize THIS IS “Who” we ARE and “Who” we WERE and “Who” we’re meant to BE!!! 

So if we can seek to feel this Energy as much as possible and seek this REAL Energy within us BEFORE all of the world’s distractions and “input”, we will be centered, full, whole and ready as well as improve our overall health and wellbeing.  We will be flowing with it. We will discover our internal guidance system and our day will be set on a course for more REAL Energy and we will have access to our INTUITION and it will be our greatest tool.

This is REAL Energy and and I am so grateful that it never runs out, unlike my last cup of coffee!  UGH!  I write this as a friendly reminder to myself with enormous gratitude and appreciation.