Our homes are oftentimes our largest investment—of money, time and energy — and our work spaces run a close second, requiring an inordinate amount of energy & time. They are both so much more than brick and mortar. More than a reflection of trends. More than a result of professional opinions— often a list of ‘dos and don’ts.

Our homes and work spaces are actually healing spaces for us, as well as friends, family, colleagues & clients, and are so much more important and meaningful in this fast, paced world. Our most prized spaces should not just be merely a reflection of our tastes or personalities or functions, but an extension of who we are. Color, texture, light, flow, balance, size — every element of the space, home or work, should re-energize, comfort and welcome us into a space of healing and clarity.


Home is meant to stand as a beacon, a safe place, from the chaos encountered in the world. It should comfort us when weary and joyfully uplift us in times of celebration and triumph. And yet so many people hire an ‘expert’ to design, renovate and decorate their most important space. In reality, the real ‘expert’ to one’s home is its inhabitant…YOU! Your INTUITION is the only guide you need to create the ultimate healing space that your home is intended to be.


Your work space is meant to raise your creativity, focus and inspiration to enable you to produce your BEST creations and ideas and ultimately bring them into form to bless and benefit others.  There you are meant to have the opportunity to truly express yourself, your skills and gifts and share them with those who need them the most and then return home confident, successful and well to enjoy your home and family  Even though your work space is supposedly just a space for “work”, it also needs to be another healing space for you – especially because of the sheer number of hours you spend there day in and day out.


So, let me help you to find and trust your natural intuition, creativity and discover your inner voice, to allow it to speak through your home and work spaces. The result? Creating spaces that are more like personal, well-knowing and trusted friends than cold, cookie cutter structures. Allow me to help you intuitively create your best healing spaces.


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