What is a “HEALING SPACE” ??????  An example for me is “SEASONS@HOME”…one of My Favorite Healing Spaces.

Everyone has their own definition of a Healing Space. For some it is their home or a favorite coffee shop or cafe, or for others maybe the side of a mountain, hiking up a winding trail. Some find it inside of themselves during meditation or prayer or reading a great book. And again for others it may be while creating art, decorating, shopping or doing whatever they love with passion and purpose. We find these Healing Spaces intuitively and are often caught off guard as we are suddenly inspired by them.

What does a HEALING SPACE “feels” like?  Good question.  It will be different for everyone.  But at a minimum a Healing Space is meant to feel:

Open – Energizing – Expanding – “Home” – Happy & Grateful – Abundant Light & Bright – Focus – Aware & Alert – Freedom – A Mini Vacation or Get Away – True – Real

Most of all it is meant to help us BREATHE and feel expanded and free! We will sense an opening and room to breathe…a rest stop so to speak on a long journey.

We are meant to intuitively find all kinds of Healing Spaces in our lifetime and to learn how to create and expand them as well as SHARE them with others. Our “job” is to learn how to be in this blessed body, do what we do and to still consistently follow and stay with this centered space of Spirit/God/Energy always moving toward more of our true selves through healing and forgiveness.

So, last month we took a 24 hour mini vacation to Branson, Missouri to visit our oldest. I love the area and I love my “baby” girl. The water, the rock, the landscape… all feel like a breath of fresh air as does she.

While we were waiting to meet up with her we were at Branson Landing and I got the chance to check out a home décor shop that I’d been dying to go into. “SEASONS@HOME”.  Of course, I LOVE a great design and any décor shop. Who doesn’t… besides most 16 year-old boys…lol. ARGH!!! (My son was a GREAT sport! Thanks son!)

WOW! I felt it instantly as I walked in the front doors! I suddenly felt myself breathe, open up, let go, lighten up. So much caught my attention but not distracting me. Instead it brought me to attention…to higher ideas, imagination and inspiration and clarity. My creative juices were running!  I was in the moment stocking up and designing in my mind and in my imagination!

I entered a Healing Space without trying or effort…no exercise, no meditation or prayer, no work. I was able to let go of everything, soak it in and just appreciate it all. That is what a Healing Space can do. That is what our bodies, homes and vocations (purpose) are meant to feel like to us and every person that comes within that space.

It is also the “SPACE” where you get in touch with your INTUITION and potentially make your best decisions and choices.  A place of BE-ing, imagination, inspiration and creativity.

“SEASONS@HOME” helped me to tap into it instantly. What a gift! (BTW they have a second new location in the Branson Tanger Outlet Mall too! Even better and bigger!) “SEASONS@HOME” is another one of my FAVs…one of my Favorite Healing Spaces.

More to come as I share with you more of my past and present FAVs and explore and discover more, new exciting FAVs. Blessings!