I love this phrase and probably use it altogether too much.  Just ask my children and husband!  But one day recently I wanted to understand it at a deeper level.   

What do these words REALLY mean?? I understand the conventional meaning but I guess I wanted to understand it at a deeper level. I am odd this way…I love words and phrases and want to really take them in and know then on another level.

I wondered, “What if I turned it around…what would it say?” 



I GO THE GRACE OF GOD BY THERE?  Uhhhh.  That doesn’t quite sound right either! 

The more I looked at it a deeper meaning revealed itself to me. 

By God’s GraceI Go…CLOSE BY (witnessing a lot of things)…There.  By God’s Grace though I am only there to witness, observe, see and learn. 

But I don’t have to GO there or STAY there…if I so choose 

I’ve been given the choice to stay OPEN and MOVE beyond what I have seen or heard or experienced and/or RISE ABOVE it. Or I can choose to stay there making it mine.  Wow that’s sobering!  How many times have I held onto hurts and beliefs only to realize that they were not mine to hold on to.

Everything that I am here to witness or experience is just that…what I am here to witness and/or experience and learn from NOT necessarily for me to keep or hold on to or make a part of me.  I’m here to witness and sometimes experience a while and then LET GO! 

Trust me…sometimes I’ve STAYED some “places” way too long!!!   But every “place” requires my forgiveness, releasing and letting go of what is NOT my true nature or where I’m meant to stay. If it is not Love, Light, Wealth, Wellness and Perfect Expression then I have to be reminded that it is not really meant for me. 

So what do I CHOOSE?  Sometimes I forget so I must be reminded.

I AM grateful for new, different and wonderful “places”…teaching me who I REALLY AM by showing me the difference or contrast and yet protecting me all the while and teaching me about forgiveness and how to let go.  Then graciously taking me back home when I’m finally ready…There’s no place like “HOME”!!!