Career and purpose are words that can often trigger great confusion and worry even in the seasoned professional. The choices are complicated by outside expectations and pressure. Just ask the average high school or college student; a stay-at-home parent hoping to reenter the workforce or a professional trying to maneuver a corporate downsizing or layoff.

In fact, so uncertain is the path for many, that the average college student changes majors at least three times over the course of his/her college career. With an onslaught of information about finding the right career path as well as the trending urgency to find one’s exact purpose and passion and work within it, there seems to be an increasing struggle and undue stress for many in this day and age.

I became well-acquainted with the quest for a purposeful career. Having sought after the typical success and travelling in the corporate world, I found myself living outside of my INTUITION and leaving me in a place void of wholeness and fulfillment. I left the safety of titles and security, seeking enlightenment, greater self-awareness and simply a better way.

Choosing the less-traveled path, meant picking back up the search for my passion & purpose because it was not yet self-evident. While on this often frustrating and yet revealing journey, I’ve identified the KEY SOLUTIONS for my life and decision making.  I re-discovered the process of using my God-given INTUITION to sense healing “spaces”. Moreover, I’ve helped my children, from an early age, to do the same—to map out a personal path. I continue in this role today, not only as an advisor to my own family, but to others.

From small business owners and entrepreneurs to leaders of non-profit organizations, I love to assist and support individuals in making insightful and intuitive decisions regarding their purposes and plans as reflected in their careers and future endeavors. I look forward to helping you intuitively discover the path to your healing spaces and your purpose and career.

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