Exercising our inner compass and quieting the noise — this doesn’t always come easily.

My journey began in rural Wisconsin. Early on, I recognized that I was intuitive—sensitive—different and I spent a lot of years and energy trying to outrun my innate tendencies and natural gifts.

After relocating to Arizona and, then, to Southern California in my late teens, I completed my education with aspirations of becoming a CPA and met and married my amazing husband.  After landing a position with one of the then BIG-6 firms, Arthur Anderson, I moved on to work as a Corporate Controller for a public company.  I began my “climb” up the corporate ladder of success, burying myself in the typical career aspirations that were safe, even widely applauded.

Though, with every reward and opportunity came the equally high cost and increasing level of stress when one is not following their intuition and passion and heart. I was really on autopilot, running the expected path but feeling drained and empty inside, lacking the creative inspiration & confidence. Suddenly, with the sudden loss of a close family member, I was jolted into awareness! I realized that I did not want to toil away at my career, stressed out and without a family. Almost 2 years later, my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world.

With the birth of my first daughter, I left the corporate world behind to raise her, and, then later, our second daughter and one and only son. Eventually, my husband and I decided that we wanted to give our children a simpler, more Midwestern upbringing. An opportunity arose for us to relocate to Colorado and then Oklahoma, so we jumped at the opportunity and moved the family.

Being a stay-at-home parent raising my children by and with faith has included its ups and downs, twists and turns, but I found the experience to be incredibly rewarding and certainly educational. During that time, I began to draw from past professional experiences, occasionally helping out with local businesses and churches. Ultimately, I realized that my unique guidance and ideas — intuition, creativity and energy — were my greatest strengths and gifts, which enabled me to work well with and for others, helping them to achieve their purpose, passion & plans.

With rediscovering and ultimately embracing my intuition and natural sensitivity — further expanded by my motherhood experiences; my administrative work in small businesses and organizations and my guidance in helping entrepreneurs with the intuitive crafting of their career plans; my restored physical wellness through trial and error and innovative solutions; and several creative home/building design opportunities over the years I have found a strength and greater awareness of our innate given energy, creative flow and the intuition we need to get in step with it. All of these experiences and opportunities have now culminated into a greater purpose and passion of understanding and better knowing this creative and intuitive energy we’ve been blessed with and which is always seeking to heal and support us, and how we can channel it into our purpose and passions, homes & offices and personal wellness.

Now my differences — my intuition & my sensitivity — serve not as obstacles, but as gifts. Nothing—the good, the bad, the “ugly”—was wasted! God uses it all! With these tools, I have intuitively discovered all kinds of Healing Spaces in every aspect of life: career & purpose, wellness & living, home/office design & decor. I AM, as  we all are, great “works in progress”, but these amazing tools of INTUITION and CREATIVITY, and my understanding of ENERGY enables me now to live and enjoy so much more freedom to be who I AM and who I AM wholly meant to be while using it to bless and serve others.

Now, through THE KEY SOLUTIONS, I intend to help others do the same! Discover your inner voice and embrace your own INTUITION, CREATIVITY and ENERGY—a KEY to your decision making, developing Healing Spaces for yourself, and discovering more of your life SOLUTIONS.

BLESSINGS — Joan M. Christensen-Fingerle

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. — Proverbs 16:9